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Lea Grover - Author Page | A quick note on propaganda, aka "fake news":...

A quick note on propaganda, aka "fake news": Claiming that the left and right are equally to blame is a fallacy. Just as it was a fallacy to say the left and right were equally to blame for congressional deadlock during the Obama administration. And that the North and South were equally to blame for the Civil War. Yes, there are problems with fake news on "both sides." But be objectively honest- there is a MUCH BIGGER problem coming from one particular direction. And the audience for that MUCH BIGGER problem has actually maimed and murdered people. Gabby Giffords was shot in the head because of right wing fake news. Planned Parenthood clinics have been attacked because of fake news. Hundreds if not thousands of children have died due to lack of vaccination as a result of fake news. We started a WAR with Iraq as the result of fake news. And most recently, somebody tried to murder a room full of people because of fake news regarding Hillary Clinton. As soon as you can point me to decades of evidence regarding left wing propaganda with those kinds of results, check yourself. Because while this might have been the worst year in American history for fake news, it is NOT a new phenomena.
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